Hortonworks Intern Program


Why Intern at Hortonworks

In 2011, 24 engineers from Yahoo! founded Hortonworks. Their mission was simple: innovate at the core, create 100% open source product, engender a community, and foster an open work environment where innovation thrives, mentorship fosters, and ideas flourish—no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, and no matter what project you’re assigned to.

That zeal extends today to all our interns, or as we like to call them… HIPsters. Under the mentorship of world-class professionals, you’ll work on projects—from engineering to marketing, from web development to communication to customer support and finance—that make an impact. You’ll experience the joy of pushing and challenging yourself.

Experience Your Potential

The HIPster experience at Hortonworks is not about working long hours; it is not about drudging away on projects nobody wishes to work on. Rather, it is about joy, experience and personal growth. It is about working with your mentor on projects that make an impact to our products and customers.

When you’re finished with your assigned internship project, you’ll reflect with immense pride of your accomplishments and the professional friendships you’ll have fostered during your tenure.

Put simply, it is all about learning and growing.

Learn, Grow, and Shine

At the end of the summer’s work on your projects, mentored by industry's top talent, you will present your project in a competition format to an executive leadership panel. Whether you win or not, your project will inevitably impact and influence our product and customers.

Enjoy the Perks

For all our interns, we offer competitive compensation, cover housing and travel expenses, cater lunches three days a week, and provide the newest Apple equipment and HIP swag...

So come join us for an internship experience unlike any other. Come join Hortonworks for summer of personal and professional growth unlike any other place.
"It's really cool to be able to see the principles I'm learning in class and apply them to the software I'm developing here that’s not only being used by my team and I, but by everyone else who is using Hadoop and using our software." — Zac, Engineering Intern '15
"When I first came to Hortonworks, I wanted to work with experts in the field of Hadoop and explore computer science as an econ/math major. I got a chance to talk to the VPs and the President and tell them what I'm working on." — Grace, Customer Success Intern '15
"My relationship with my mentor was extremely good... the kind of work he gave me was important to this company... he kept me very involved... he gave me a lot of scope and room to create something on my own [and] explore my own creativity." — Anubhav, Marketing Intern '15

Be a HIPster!

* The application period is from September to January. Internships run two months, from June to August.

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